Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweat Much?

So as most people who are close to me or who just read my fb page every now and then probably know that I got botox yesterday.  No, my face is not going to be wrinkle free, but my armpits will!
I've suffered from the medical condition can read more about it here.  I never really even knew it was considered a medical condition, I just thought that I had a sweating problem.  If I remember correctly, this started in middle school/early high school.  Until this week, I've worn 2 layers at all times and I never dared to wear a shirt that was a color.  I lived in a black and white world.  I would sweat so much that at one time I could sweat through a jacket. Gross I know..but imagine what it feels like.  Not only the physical discomfort of having soggy armpits all the time, but the fact that you never wanted to raise your hand up and you had to make sure that you always kept your arms at your side in fear that someone would see your sweat stains.  I always envied girls who wore grey shirts or a bright color and could wave their arms around "like they just don't care".
 A girl I went to college with happened to see my one picture in the 30 day photo challenge of Fergie with huge sweat stains for "my biggest insecurity" and messaged me to tell me she had that same issue and was approved by her insurance for botox. 
So I decided it was time.  I made a dermatologist appt and went and he didn't even do an exam, from explaining to him that I've used clinical strength, men's deodorant, arm pit pads, tissues, certain dri...nothing works!  Do you know how embarassing it is when you have a tissue fall out of your shirt??!!  So he sent in the prescription, and I waited.  I found out about 2 weeks later that I was covered.  It would be about $180 for one treatment.  Woohoo! I was thrilled.  So I went yesterday to get it done.  I was quite nervous that I would have multiple needles inserted into my armpit! That can't be fun.  In all honesty, it wasn't bad at all.  I'd go back every day and have them do that if I didn't have sweaty pits all the time.  So he told me it takes 3 days to a week to become effective and then should last 6 months.  I'm really excited to see how it works. and one of the major things I'm really excited for is that I am wearing a royal purple dress in my best friend's wedding in Wisconsin at the end of July and I was soooo nervous for the sweat marks and now **cross your fingers** I shouldn't even have to worry about it at all.  I suggest if you have any issues like I do, then you look into botox as an option.  btw..I was given 3 options.  #1 botox, #2 a pill that dries up all bodily secretions, #3 surgery to snip the nerve (noooo way)
Here's to Grey Tshirts in my near future!!

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  1. Cool - I promise not to be obvious when I look at your pits! 8-)