Sunday, May 1, 2011


This entry is a little different than my normal, "hey I found this it is cute" posts.  I finally needed to make a post about  So I've been on there for awhile now, meeting a few nice people who I just didn't click with but I also have a close friend who is on there as well. And we have found that there are people out there who blow your mind.  People never cease to amaze me.  Hope some of these make you laugh.
Hi there,
I know that that is a weird subject line and a strange way to introduce myself but I find this strange to begin with. Really, How socially awkward has our society gotten when 2 single people have to exchange emails as a way to get to know each other. Please don't tell me I am the only one that thinks this strange? But now a days in this strange new world of social networks of 300+ "friends" half which don't really know each other I guest this is the social norm.

Well, back to the point of the email, I saw your profile today and you sound like someone that I might connect with. You actually sound normal. Well, at least your profile makes you sound normal.

Anyway,l email me back and I will be glad to get to know you better

My thoughts- umm hello I'm on an online dating site as well so obviously I am okay with it.....and I'm glad that I'll be priviledged for you get to know me better...and I'm glad that I actually sound normal
Hey hows it goin ? Im Jared and i suck
at this lol. Im a way better communicator
face to face then writing what I want to
say. Im a great guy with a big heart and
amazing Sense of humor. I am over weight
but i go to the gym 5 days a week and
have a real drive to lose it. Im looking for
the that girl that wants to be treated like a
queen and Don't mind that there partner
isnt a jersey shore situation. Im looking for
a chance. So if u have any questions ask

My thoughts- why are people so negative in a first email?  save that stuff for the future
Sorry I don't have a pic on here but I could send you a bunch via email. Or text. Just a idea. Hope I'm not being a bother by sending u this email

My thoughts- why can't you just post a picture if you are going to send them anyway???
Hi ...My name is MIKE.....I joined match like a week ago and taking it slow.....I am a fun person and nice and very funny too....I do look good....However my employer is strict and they tend to fire people for being on FB or being online too.....thats why I havent posted pics yet.....If u want, I can email some pics over today
My thoughts- this was my fav one...he sent me this exact same email like 2 months before and had also sent the same email to my friend a month before that...3 months atleast buddy not a week ago.

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