Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Did you know it is such a nice and sunny day outside? Oh wait, I have no idea because there are no windows in here.

Being stuck in an office day after day which contains no windows is the pits.  We live/work in the dungeon.  We even had that earthquake this week and I paniced a little, knowing that I couldn't see outside of that damn basement office room.  I think I may invest in one of these are each of my coworkers in the dungeon.
Instant Window

Ouch! This is hot!

I recently bought my boyfriend this cute Pac Man pot holder as he didn't have a pot holder and this one was very snazzy.  Check it out.  Even picked it up at target in their new cool section of type things.
Pac-Man Pot Holders

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Summer Summer Time

Alright, yes. It has been awhile. I've been a little distracted you could say :)
Saw this cute print tonight and wanted to post it.  It may be a little late into the season, but I leave tomorrow for my best friend's wedding and then a week at the beach, so to me summer vacation is here!
Hello Summer Print
by vicinitystudio on

Monday, June 13, 2011

Flip Flop Swap- Mission Accomplished

A few posts ago, I wrote about participating in a Flip Flop Swap which was organized by Lyryn.  I was given my swap partner, Katy.  I checked out her blog to get a sense of what she may like..but as always I have major anxiety over buying things for people in doubt that they will not like it.  I found many different flipflops early on and kept telling myself that I would find something I liked more.  Life went on and I almost FORGOT!  I'm one of those people who will worry about a meeting all morning and then the 15 minute reminder pops up and I dismiss it and then totally forget about the meeting until like 5 minutes late.  So I ran to the mall after work one day and told myself I would indeed PICK a pair that day.  I had scoped out some choices online but decided to hit up Journey's (not sure why I chose that store, as I normally do not frequent the adult store..usually just the kids one for my niece Sarah).  I found a pair that I liked but they didn't have her size 8.  So I looked around at this one pair and thought about it.  They looked super comfy and they were a little different....they had some metallic gold interwined with an otherwise plain flipflop.  So I made the decision and bought them. I went and got a cute pink box to send them in, but turns out the the post office (of course..) destroyed the box, but the good thing was that the flipflops made it okay. 
Funny thing is that we received our flipflops on the same day.  Katy had emailed me to say that she lives pretty far away from a good store and ordered them online and I should be looking for a package from  I was so excited to open my box when it did arrive!  Check em out! 

Super comfy and can go with anything. I wore them to work on Friday! Now I just need to work on my tan (from a bottle of course).  Thanks Katy for my flipflops! Hope you liked yours as well!!

Now I'm ready for another swap!  Lemme know if you know of any going on!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tee Shirt? T-Shirt?

I'm a tshirt and jeans kind of girl.  So when I found these plain tshirts at Target last year I was super excited and bought tons of them.  I called them the boyfriend T.  Vneck with a little pocket.  Awesome tshirts and super cheap.  To get to the point, I crossed my fingers and hoped that when I walked into target recently I could find more of these same tshirts.  SCORE! Found them and they were on sale for $6 each.  So I scooped up about 6 of them.  Of course the classic white and then a few colors.  I really like to throw them over your swimsuit when you're at the beach with some shorts if you don't want to do the cover up every day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fuchsia Pearl Rhinestone Flower Charm Silver Plated Necklace

Found this while searching for random it!
from by MEJcollection