Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weight Watchers.....again...

I feel like I'm on a never ending cycle of "starting WW".  But honestly, it is the only program that I actually can follow and lose weight.  Of course, I always get off the boat and stop following the program..but when I stick to it I see promising results.  So, this year I have my best friend's wedding in Wisconsin in July and we got our dresses last June...I can now zip the dress but then I can't move.  So, goal #1 is to be able to fit into the dress comfortably.  Goal #2 is a little more ambitious..but we will chat about that after I reach goal #1.  So my "like" of today is Weight Watchers Online.  Check it out. Right now you can join and they waive the joiners fee until 3/12/11.  Its about $18 a month.  All of the tools are online and you can access them from your phone as well. and with the new PointsPlus system, all fruit is FREEEEEEE.
Weight Watchers
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