Friday, February 25, 2011

DQ Ice Cream Cake

I decorate cakes at DQ once a week through out the year..give or take some weeks.  So I went today after work to decorate cakes and I just thought I'd toot DQ's horn.  I love their ice cream cakes.  Ever since I was little I never liked regular cake and my Mom had to get me a DQ cake every year for my birthday.  Since my birthday is in July, my party was usually at my Grandfather's house and pool.  One year my Dad left the cake in the cooler instead of taking it inside the house and it melted.  I was a very spoiled and selfish little girl and told him he ruined my birthday.  Let's pretend I was just really mad because I loved DQ cake and was upset. hahah 
DQ Cakes
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